Wheels are the most commonly used items to enable Lego and NXT robots to move around. I am going to focus mainly on the NXT wheel

The wheels comprise of 2 parts, the rim and the tire. I am going to focus on the tire.

 The ballon tire has good friction
But it is possible to increase the friction of the wheel. By turning the balloon tire inside out, it increases the friction.

There are some competitions which requires an object (usually an egg) to be brought up a flight of steps. A holder can be made from the tire. Squish the inside out tire into this shape to make a holder.

A ball does not really fit in but something slightly smaller about the size of an chicken egg will.

We have talked about increasing friction. But how do we increase the size of the wheel?

Normal Wheel
There is a slight increase in size

2 40 teeth gears placed side by side with the tire squeezed between will make a wheel which is bigger but less resistance.

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